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We offer various bodywork modalities, including: Cranial Sacral Therapy on Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Fragile X, and others, Trauma Touch TherapyTM, Healing Touch, Reflexology, Polarity, Applied Kinesiology Concepts, Acupressure, Pre-natal, Infant.

Why We Need Touch . . .

The desire for physical touch is a natural, instinctive and physiologic necessity for our overall well-being.  Touch is a hunger that must be fed as the very essence to survival.  We believe touch is a complex and powerful form of communication; and that no healing technique in the world will work unless Love goes with it.  My intention is to 'talk' with my clients though touch and other forms of therapy.  My hope is to work together with each individual to find their inner healing power, and facilitating that process to thrive, giving them access to their primitive energy for greater awareness of their truth.  The client is the Healer, I simply provide a safe space for Change to emerge.  I allow the body an opportunity to do something different than it is used to.  Once the body accepts the invitation, the system responds and begins to look for a higher level of vibration and balance, in which  . . . Healing Occurs.


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